• It is a page in the website where our consumers can mend/repair their rip up or even items with extreme damaging condition.
  • We hate watching our product go as a waste which is the main reason Kaemp’s now offering an expert maintenance center known as “MEND” by Kaemp8848. Utilizing offcuts to revive your harmed gear.
  • Describing about the payment, 2 way courier charge should be paid by the consumer or your item can be sent with one of your friends when they are visiting here.
  • When sending us the product, there should be a briefly noted piece of tag or a paperwork describing the issue of the item stapled along.


Step 1 : Choose your mend service:

Select a category according to your item you want to repair.

Step 2: post your items to us:

Send us your item with a detailed briefing about the damage and about the placements.

Step 3: Take it easy and loosen up.

Have some paitence until when your item is freshly mended and notified.

Step 4: We post it back:

We can send you your item back at your door for your next adventure.