About Us

Subha Garment is a well established company specializing in the manufacturing and exporting of high quality garments since 2002. From the inception, we have been producing a wide range of clothing for mens, ladies and children.

Our garments are being marketed under the brand-name Kaemp 8848.

Our office is situated in kathmandu- The Hosiery town of Nepal, run by a team of well experienced merchandisers, designers and management staff, with modern equipment, advanced technology, qualified technicians, skilled workers. Our products are being exported to many countries, mainly to European Countries, and it has won the NAME from the customers in both local and overseas markets.

Our organization stands on the pillars of innovations and quality. Our Vision is to serve our customers with dedication and offer specialized services with quality assurance. We are a quality-driven organization and contend to render quality service and products to our clients. Our team of experts maintain a strict vigil in the manufacturing processto ensure that all the products are flawless.

20% of the company products is solid in the local and neighboring markets while 80% of the products is exported to the European Market. We constantly maintain quality and delivery schedules. We follow the adage- integrity is to keep the commitments at any loss and the wisdom is not to keep the commitments. We like to keep things fashionable, playful, sturdy and yet affordable.

Our aim is to build long term relationship with our clients by offering them high product quality. proactive customer service and timely delivery.

The factory has been enlarged lately to 20000 sq. ft. to cope with the increasing demand for the company products. It is equipped with both old and new plant machines.

The company wants to enhance and further develop its relationship with European companies in order to expand its export business and establish internationally known name.